Why Choose DermaLuxe Medispa?

The Technician

After graduating as a medical esthetician from Ottawa’s top beautician school, Verailles Academy, Maryem travelled and delved into the medical esthetics industry. She observed other laser medispa clinics while working for them for several years. This helped her understand what made some clinics better than others and what clients really wanted. She studied the different technologies available on the market and she chose the most effective machine for her clients. When she opened DermaLuxe laser hair removal in Ottawa, her goal was to offer top quality hair removal services at prices that won’t break the bank. Her work is meticulous and she takes that extra time to ensure all of her clients are happy with their treatments.

The Service

DermaLuxe caters to both men and women looking for laser hair removal in Ottawa.

If you’re trying to get rid of tiresome facial and body hair, we will sit down and discuss a customized treatment plan that’s right for you. Certain factors such as skin color, hair color and thickness will be taken into consideration during the laser hair removal consultation. Before beginning any treatment, we always offer complimentary patch tests to make sure your skin won’t have any adverse effects. Sometimes, clients simply aren’t good candidates for treatment. For example, they may have white hair and lasers cannot treat hair that has no pigment. If by any chance you are not a good candidate or someone who won’t benefit from laser treatments, we will let you know and explain exactly why as well as advise you of alternative treatments.

The Technology

Feel confident knowing you’re receiving your laser hair removal treatments with diode laser technology, one of the strongest machines on the market. Our machine penetrates 810 nanometres into the dermis, destroying the hair at its root. The machines pulses swiftly and moves on the skin with ease disabling many hair follicles at one time. The intense energy travels down each hair shaft heating it to the root and creating enough damage that will ensure it doesn’t grow back. You’ll have better long-lasting results that are quicker, less painful and can treat most skin types!

At DermaLuxe, we use the latest in diode laser technology. Unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines, which use a broad spectrum of light, diode lasers, penetrate much deeper within the skin using a single wavelength to disable hair growth.
IPL has multiple wavelengths all between 500 and 1,200 nanometers that scatter within the skin. It is far less effective than laser technology. A lamp, similar to a small light bulb, produces the energy. The energy is more diffused and less powerful and usually limited to use on fairer skin tones. Since IPL machines do not penetrate as deeply as lasers, the key structures of hair on most areas of the body are not destroyed, meaning results are limited and generally short lived.
Difference between IPL and Diode laser

The Price

At Dermaluxe, you will receive unparalleled laser hair removal service at competitive prices. We believe everyone should have access to these amazing services, which is why we offer monthly pricing plans as well as a discounted package prices. You can either choose to pay per session or if your looking to save money in the long run, package pricing is 10% less than monthly prices and can be divided into 2 payments.

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