With so many clinics and spas offering hair removal services, it can be difficult to choose the one that will work best for you. Many promise permanent results yet do not use the right technology, leaving you disappointed in the outcome. The following five steps can help you choose the best permanent hair removal services in Ottawa.

1. Make a List

Begin your search by asking family and friends if they have used permanent hair removal services in Ottawa. Then, do an Internet search including Ottawa as part of the search criteria. Here you will find a list of all businesses in the area offering laser hair removal.

2. Read Reviews

Go through the online reviews for each permanent hair removal business, bearing in mind that newer businesses will not have as many and some reviews may be less than honest. Use the reviews as a tool, looking for things that stand out as negatives and narrow down your list accordingly.

3. Call the Clinics

Call each of the clinics remaining on your list and ask several questions. Depending on the answers you receive, narrow your list further. Some questions to ask include:

  • Do they use diode lasers ? If they use IPL technology, your results will not be as good nor as permanent.
  • What training and certification does the laser technician have?
  • Do they offer a free initial consultation, including a patch test?

4. The Consultation and Patch Test

At the consultation, ask questions you may have about laser hair removal. Find out your expected results, the policy they follow and what side effects you may experience. Make a list so you do not forget to ask something that is important.

The patch test is done to find the appropriate settings for your skin and hair. Take note of how you feel during the patch test and re-evaluate a few days later.

5. The Decision

Combining all of the information you have amassed and the results of your patch test, you should now be able to choose the best permanent hair removal services in Ottawa.

DermaLuxe Medi Spa offers a wide range of laser hair removal services including:

  • Upper lip, cheeks, chin, half face or full face
  • Sideburns, front of neck or nape of neck
  • Underarms, shoulders, chest or areola
  • Thighs, lower legs or inner thighs

Packages are available for great savings. Contact us to book your consultation today .