Manscaping is not just for the metrosexual male crowd anymore. In fact, according to ” Men’s Fitness “, there has been an increase of over 30-percent in men receiving hair removal services. Some do it for the look and feel and some do it for sports. Whatever your motivation to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, you can get that sleek feel with laser hair removal for men right here in Ottawa.

A Unique Approach for Hair Removal for Men

As a man, most of the unwanted body hair you are looking to remove is thick and coarse so you need a unique approach. Removal for men using a laser is an excellent option for most hair and skin types, especially if you have a laser technician who takes the time to assess your situation and performs a patch test to see if the treatment will work well for you. For maximum success, see a professional who uses diode laser technology and is well-versed in working with male hair.

Save Time and Discomfort with Laser Hair Removal for Men

Various parts of your body are more sensitive than your face so shaving or waxing can be very time-consuming and cause discomfort due to ingrown hairs or skin irritation. If you are a manscaper, there is no doubt you have experienced the itchy and rough feeling when the five o-clock shadow appears on parts of your body that shouldn’t be prickly as the hair grows back. With laser treatment, there is no stubble and you’ll have less hair growing back.

DermaLuxe MediSpa in Ottawa specializes in laser hair removal for men. Call us to book your free consultation and patch test today.