Ridding yourself of unwanted hair is a time-consuming effort that can have many unpleasant side effects, including ingrown hairs, stubble and skin irritation. While waxing may leave you hair-free for a short time, it is painful and known for ingrown hairs, while shaving seems to last mere hours before the tell-tale stubble returns. Since you are trying to achieve sleek, smooth skin, it might seem like an uphill battle, but there is a solution. With laser hair removal in Ottawa , you can experience the hair-free skin you have always wanted.

What you can Expect with Laser Hair Removal

Unlike other methods of hair removal, diode laser therapy is a true medical procedure and first, you have to be sure your Ottawa technician is qualified. Next, you’ll need to prepare for your treatment by limiting hair removal practices and sun exposure for about 1 to 2 weeks before your first session so the melanin in your skin won’t be active and your skin will not be overly sensitive. The hair must be trimmed before your laser hair removal begins.

Once the area to be treated has been trimmed, your technician will adjust the laser to meet your specific hair and skin type, then begin the hair removal process. There may be some discomfort due to the intensity of the laser light but it is minimal and cooling treatments may be applied when you are done. For the day or two after your laser hair removal, your skin may feel like it has been sunburned but this can be soothed with moisturizer or cold compresses if needed.

Laser Treatment Benefits

Receiving laser hair removal at DermaLuxe MediSpa in Ottawa provides the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified laser technician
  • Personalized service
  • Permanent hair loss over time
  • Precision and speed over other hair removal methods

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