DermaLuxe Medi Spa is now open in Ottawa and features laser hair removal for men and women. DermaLuxe is about to change how you treat any of your unwanted hair. Owner and main laser technician Maryem provides personalized service with better, longer lasting results using diode laser technology. Maryem and her team are poised to provide unparalleled service at prices that cannot be beat.

The Diode Laser Technology Difference

DermaLuxe laser hair removal is unlike most of its competition in Ottawa. Rather than using IPL (intense pulsed light) technology that is popular in the industry due to its lower equipment cost and need for more follow-up appointments, DermaLuxe offers diode laser technology , the latest and most accurate hair removal technique available.

Unlike its IPL counterpart, diode lasers are able to penetrate the skin deep enough to disable the structures that make hair growth possible, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth far longer. IPL is also most effective on lightly pigmented skin, which limits its use for many people. Diode laser technology is suitable for almost all skin types.

Personalized Laser Hair Removal Now in Ottawa

Maryem wants to ensure your complete satisfaction with your treatments and as such, does not take walk-in clients. When you call in, your personal consultation will be arranged and during that appointment, Maryem will assess your specific needs and design your unique treatment to rid you of all your unwanted hair. If for any reason you are not an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, you will be advised at your initial consultation so you are not spending money fruitlessly.

DermaLuxe is your unique and personalized laser hair removal medi spa in Ottawa for beautiful, long-lasting results. Call 613-859-2310 to book your consultation with Maryem.