So you have decided to get laser hair removal done and you have booked your consultation! In addition to feeling nervous, you’re not too sure what to expect. Should you wax or shave before coming in? Can you wear deodorant or lotions on your skin? What will the patch test feel like? We’ll clue you in to everything you need to know before coming in for your consultation!

A few days before your consultation, do not shave, wax or remove the hair in the treatment area. It helps the technician to see the thickness and amount of hair that’s to be treated. With our client’s permission, photos may be taken for comparison at the end of the series of treatments. These photos are stored on your client profile and can only be used for marketing purposes with our client’s written consent.

First, the technician will go through the consultation forms with you and ask you about your skin regimen and any relevant medical history. She will also go through a form explaining the in’s and out’s of laser hair removal so you feel completely comfortable with the treatment. You will also be given a post-treatment take-home instruction sheet. Once all the paperwork is done, that’s when we’ll start the patch test!

The technician will first shave a small area on the skin. In case you are wearing deodorant/lotions/makeup, the technician will gently cleanse it with a mild cleanser and hot towel. She will then prep the area by applying conductive gel (it’s extremely cold)! And then she will begin with a few low level pulses of the machine on the skin.

For some people the pulses may feel like an intense sting, some heat or a combination of the two. You’ll be asked to rate the pain from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most painful. Once the technician has finished a couple of pulses, she will record them and remove the gel. ¬†Your skin may feel a bit heated and irritated. She will then use a cold towel to remove any excess gel (cold towels feel much better than hot on irritated skin) and lastly, aloe vera will be applied to help alleviate any discomfort. Then you are good to go! Now at this point you will be asked to monitor your skin for the next couple of days and your first official permanent hair removal session will be booked! You will then be on your way to smooth hair-free skin!

For more information contact your laser hair removal specialist at DermaLuxe MediSpa in Ottawa today!