Hearing or reading that you have to avoid sun exposure before, during and after laser hair removal may sound like you’re defeating the purpose of silky, smooth skin for summer. While sun protection is advisable at any time, your DermaLuxe Medispa in Ottawa wants you to understand why it’s critical to laser hair removal success.

Sun Protection, UVA and UVB Rays

At one time, we only worried that we needed protection from ultra-violet (UV) rays and didn’t make a distinction between UVA and UVB when it came to sun protection. To make it easier to understand, UVB rays are responsible for skin cancers, sunburns and affect the superficial skin layers. UVA rays cause tanning and penetrate deep into the dermis, causing premature aging in the form of wrinkles and fine lines and permanent damage over time and contributing to skin cancer . In order to protect your skin from both types of rays, you need to look at sunscreens that do not only carry an SPF, but specifically state they are ” broad spectrum “. It is only broad-spectrum products that also protect against UVA.

Why Sun Protection is Critical to Success at your Ottawa Medispa

In order to achieve the best results from your laser hair removal, your skin must be in its best condition. Skin that is burned or tanned may affect the laser’s efficacy at penetrating the skin to reach the roots of your hair, which will prevent maximum hair removal. Also, skin that has been overexposed to sun has increased melanin (pigment, or colour), which attracts the laser and may cause serious burns. For best results and minimal chance for unpleasant side effects, it is best to avoid the sun and tanning beds or use broad spectrum, high SPF sunscreen two weeks before and at least a week after your laser hair removal treatments . Your skin will thank you!