If you are thinking about your hair removal options , chances are high you want to find the easiest way to rid yourself of the hair permanently. Science embraced this desire and it may surprise you to learn that the laser hair removal you can now get in Ottawa began its journey to success almost as early as the first laser was invented back in the 1960’s!

Early Development of Laser Hair Removal

The first operational laser was invented in May of 1960 and by the mid 60’s, scientists were already testing them on hair removal. These earliest phases were not the best of times to be a test subject as the ruby lasers used could only focus on a couple of hairs at a time and only worked on light skin with dark hair. Since the beam “looked” for dark pigment, it wasn’t able to distinguish between hair and skin, resulting in some pretty nasty burns.

It would be more than 30 years before the first laser hair removal treatment was approved for use on the public. During that time, various laser-types were put through trials, many resulting in minimal hair loss, non-permanent results or damaged skin.

Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa Today

Fast-forward to current times and technology has advanced so much that you can now enjoy permanent hair removal with minimal side effects. The horror stories you may have heard from early adopters are remnants of the past, sincediode laser technology focuses on destroying only the hair and its growth center, not on the surrounding skin.

It is important to note that not all laser treatments are created equally. Before receiving laser hair removal in Ottawa , confirm that your Medispa uses diode laser technology.