DermaLuxe Medispa specializes in permanent hair removal for men and women so you might think it odd that we would suggest you might not be a good candidate for treatment. The fact is, we want to be honest with you and provide you the best possible experience with our medispa. Laser hair removal is not ideal for all skin types or hair colours. Will laser hair removal in Ottawa work for you?

Successful Skin Types for Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa

To determine if your skin type is suited to laser hair removal, we use Fitzpatrick skin typing for reference. The laser is absorbed by pigment, so if your skin is very dark, you are likely to suffer burns because your skin will absorb too much of the light energy. We want your experience with us to be a rewarding one, not one filled with unnecessary discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal and Hair Colour

Since the laser is absorbed by pigment and must be drawn down the hair shaft to reach the hair follicle, not all hair colours are suited to laser hair removal. Since blonde hair is lacking melanin (responsible for pigment), it is not a good candidate for this type of removal. Laser hair removal works best on dark brown to black hair.

A Few Words on Sun Exposure

Regardless of skin type and hair colour, we would like to stress that you need to avoid sun exposure for one to two weeks before and one to two weeks after your treatments. If your skin gets tanned, it will absorb more of the light energy and the sun lightens hair during exposure. Spending time in the sun with your skin exposed may render your treatment ineffective. The reason for protecting your skin after treatment is that your skin will be a little more sensitive and may be prone to painful sunburns. Cover up if you intend to spend time in the sun and at the very least, apply sunscreen faithfully.

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