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We are conveniently located inside Merio’s Salon, 2527 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1V 8R9

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

In today’s face-paced environment, shaving at home and waxing at the spa is time-consuming, painful and costly in the long run. In as little as 8 laser hair removal sessions, you can see amazing semi permanent results. There will be areas where hair simply never grows out again, and the rest of your hair will reduce by at least 75 to 95%. We offer both facial and body hair services. Ingrown hair will be a thing of the past as laser hair removal significantly reduces this problem! Your skin will feel and look smoother and maintaining it will be quick and painless. Your laser technician at DermaLuxe has worked years with lasers and gives you a breakdown of how these treatments will rid you of unwanted body and facial hair.

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Check Out What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say!

I had a great experience with DermaLuxe and definitely recommend them. The technician takes her time during the consultation and is meticulous when it comes to treating the areas you pay for. I’ve been to other laser hair removal clinics and the speed and lack of detail was disappointing. I highly recommend DermaLuxe. If you can tolerate some laser pain, this is great. The cooling tip on the laser helps a lot, and some sensitive areas I use numbing cream, but overall, it’s not a bad experience. Less painful than waxing for sure.
Hoda S.
I used to have to shave my chin every 2 to 3 days and after 3 sessions, I haven’t shaved in over 5 weeks. What little hair is growing back is extremely slow and very light and thin, it’s practically unnoticeable. I’m so happy with my results and I’m recommending DermaLuxe to all of my friends and family.
Linda K.
Thank you Maryem for a pleasant laser hair removal consultation. Can’t wait to begin my package. Anyone looking to remove unwanted hair should definitely get in touch with Maryem.
Bana A.
I had a patch test done before beginning my treatment and I was beyond impressed with the initial results.I was amazed at how nothing grew there for nearly two months! I have very dark and thick body hair and to think that anything can stop it from growing amazes me. Maryem is extremely knowledgable and always makes sure you’re in a comfortable setting before starting the treatment. I’m so pleased with my experience at DermaLuxe and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to do laser hair removal.
Amna A.

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