You did your research and now you booked your first consultation for laser hair removal. But you’re wondering what you should expect? Should you shave your hair? Here’s what will happen during your consultation:
Consultations last about 45 minutes to an hour. Your technician will ask you questions and fill out 2 forms: a basic consultation form with your name, number and email as well as other important information such as your health history, any medication you may be taking and methods of hair removal you have tried in the past. The second form is a genetic disposition form which poses questions about your hair and eye color and how your skin reacts to the sun. This form is important as it sorts you into a skin type on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale. The scale goes from 1 to 6 and our machine at DermaLuxe can treat skin types 1 to 5. Once your technician fills these out, she will then talk about everything and anything you need to know about laser hair removal including safety measures, how the technology works, and what you should expect both right after a session and after your series of sessions. Laser hair removal reduces about 75 to 95% of hair and great improvement can be seen after just one session. She will answer any questions you may have and then go through the consent form with you. Once signed, she will perform patch tests on certain areas to see how your skin will react to treatment.
How the patch tests work:
In most cases, we take before photos for each client and show them those photos at the end of their 8 sessions. We require written permission before using them for public display. Then we shave a small area and apply conductive gel. The gel is important as it protects the skin from burns. It is water based and won’t stain clothing or skin. Then your technician will set the machine to a level according to your skin and hair type and ask you between 1 and 10 what you felt. Depending on the area this may he repeated 3 times or more. Each time the machine is pulsed is only a second long. Depending on your skin, it can feel very mild to very painful. In most cases, clients feel a heat sensation along with a sting that only lasts a second. Once the machine is off the pain subsides instantly. After the initial patch tests, she will wipe off the gel with a cool towel and apply aloe vera gel to the skin. You will then be given a Pre and Post Laser Hair Removal Instruction form to take home. Your first session will be scheduled in a day or two later or longer depending on your availability. You will go home and monitor your skin and let your technician know of any changes or concerns. Usually the skin will turn red and create swollen follicles which look like small pimples. These side effects can be seen immediately after treatment but for the majority of the population, subsides within the hour. More sensitive clients see these effects last a day or two and just need to be more gentle with their skin until it calms down on its own. Aloe vera and cold compresses can be used to help these side effects go down. Your technician is always available to answer any questions you may have. And once that nerve wracking consultation is over, you’ll begin your journey to smooth hair-free skin.